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Digital Ingenious Solutions is a company that focus on giving great service for a affordable prices. We pride ourselves on explaining in plain English. We help pair the right hardware to the right software with the right security for your home/business and explain it in simple English.

Digital Ingenious Solutions was created as we saw these outrages prices, friends and family paid for IT services not to mention the long phone service to book and how they did not understand what they were sold.

Our tech wizards have a strict code of conduct, that helps protect your Data(log in details, etc..).We can help with IT problems ranging from general computer problems to printer issues and everything in between.

We Help https://www.facebook.com/Asper... and donate to mens mental health and trees that count with most of our top tier subcriptions, For more details please email or call us.

Bradley Whittal


HI, my name is Bradley or Brad for short, I enjoy investing and playing paintball. I have a passion for pen testing (which is ethical hacking). It normally takes a bit of effort to get me to go on a hike but once I start I really enjoy it. :)

M: 027 430 9457
E: techsupport@digitalingenioussolutions.com

Waikaha Waitere


I am a Maori father of 5, director of sales and marketing manager of DI Solutions. I'm interested in stock & share investments, engaging in my kids recreational activities and lover of a wide range of foods. 

E: sales@digitalingenioussolutions.com


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