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Antivirus Software

Don't let your home or business be an easy target for cyber attacks

We can setup and install a comprehensive cloud-based antivirus solution that provides devices, web security, and email protection in one simple bundle as well as saving you money on your cyber security insurance premium.

All clients report our Antivirus solution reduces Premiums by 20% to 40%.

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Booking Software

Deliver an exceptional experience

Let clients book 24/7

51% of bookings are made outside business hours. Take online bookings from Instagram, Facebook and your website, and never miss a booking again.

Reward your clients

Build strong relationships

Social Wifi Software

67% of customers look for free Wifi are you missing out? 

Auto-mate the following based on visits to your business:

Tripadvisor reviews
Google Reviews
Yelp reviews
Facebook reviews
Facebook likes & follows
Instagram followers
Build your what’s app broadcast list
Collect emails
Automate  birthday messages & gifts
Reward your customers based on visits.
Build your  customer loyalty.

All from your free Wifi. 

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